Technoway's MDM Competency Center offers deep domain expertise for Customer and Product Master Data implementations. We were part of several successful MDM projects for fortune 500 companies. Talk to us if you need help with :

- TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager (MDM)
- MDM Strategy & Architecture
- Customer & Product MDM Initiatives
- Data Cleansing & De-duplication
- Global Data Synchronization (GDS)
- SOA & J2EE Application Development
- Web2.0 Application Development
- Business Intelligence

Expertise in TIBCO CIM (TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager) and a competency center focused exclusively on TIBCO CIM and other MDM technologies. Augment your team with our offshore MDM Architects and Consultants with years of real life TIBCO CIM expertise.

Master Data Management helps bring together and consolidate disparate data from various corporate systems and create a single view of the data. Get your Customer & Product MDM initiatives going and improve your data quality. Get processes in place to better manage data life-cycles. Learn more on how our team can help you with your MDM initiative.


Duplicate customer data can result in negative customer satisfaction and increased costs associated with company marketing campaigns. Standardized and de-duplicated data will allow for cost savings and better management of customer profile resulting in better targetted Ad-spend.

Consider our GeoAddress US Address Standardization engine to cleanse and standardize your customer addresses.


GeoAddress Server

(for Address Standardization)

GeoAddress Server is an address matching engine that can be used for US Address Standardization. Given a US Address the server returns matching addresses from millions of US Addresses along with a match score. A score of 1.0 indicates a perfect match. The server supports free text searches allowing for finding matches even in cases where certain parts of address have a spelling mistake.

Matched addresses are returned in two formasts :
-address split into individual components like StreetNumber, StreetName, City, State, Zip
-USPS Address format

Some of the features include :
- match score returned along with each result
- supports WebServices, JSON or standard Java TCP/IP socket connectivity
- easy installation, up and running in minutes (needs Java 1.6)
- offers out-of-box web UI for US Address Search
- matched addresses return zip5+4
-  multiple updates within the year with latest US Address data


Technoway owns and operates several web portals aimed at bringing a richer experience to net users from around the world. The portals offer services like Free Classifieds, real time news and video content and several other services.


Technoway's mobile app practise focuses on creating mobile applications that address business needs for the corporate world. We can quickly help you build mobile apps that can work with your existing applications resulting in increased use and acceptance across the company.

We have developed a web applications that run on a mobile device when users visit a website using a mobile device browser. This eliminates the need for a Native App to be installed on the device and also serves the user with a rich user interface that will look identical to a native App resulting in better overall experience to the customer.

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